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Brock Lesnar sicker then expected

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Everyone by now knows that Brock Lesnar the UFC heavyweight champion had to pull out of his big defense against Shane Carwin. It at first was sited as simply illness, the several sites reported he had H1/N1, then mono and now we have learned that in fact, Lesnar has an intestinal tear that leaked into his body and made him seriously sick.

I’ve learned that Brock spent 11 days at the Mayo clinic, hopefully such a world class facility can heal up our big knucklehead so he can continue to dominate MMA.

Whether or not Brock will ever fight again is still up in the air at this point. I would personally like to send him my warmest wishes and quickest recovery. I am one of the MILLIONS of Lesnar fans that seriously believes Brock WAS and is the entire heavyweight division in MMA, not just the UFC.

I personally have been a fan of Brock Lesnar, since his early WWE days, seeing him come to MMA was just an incredible feeling. Seriously I wouldn’t give a shit if Lesnar was in porn before MMA, he is an incredible athlete and a truly nice guy when he’s not putting his foot in his mouth. Brock, if by chance you read this, get better, get back in the cage, we’re ALL pulling for you in your corner brother!!!


Lord N’s top ten

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Herein is my list of who I believe to be the top ten fighters (pound for pound)  in mixed martial arts today. This is an opinion piece, bare that in mind and feel free to disagree as you wish.

10. Forrest Griffin – Forrest is credited with having the fight that saved MMA from obscurity, when he fought Stephon Bonner. Since then, Forrest has held the title and battled some of mixed martial arts finest.

9. Quinton Jackson – This Pride fighting superstar made his mark in the UFC and America, by the dismantlement of some of the sports best. Recently, Jackson has come under a lot of problems, even announcing his retirement.

8. Rashad Evans – Evans is an ex champion and a fighter who is electrifying to watch. Evans has come a long way from his the ultimate fighter reality show appearance.

7. Urijah Faber – This former WEC champion is among one of the finest fighters in the world today. Faber needs to move onto the UFC, to truly solidify his stance, as one of the worlds best fighters.

6. B.J. Penn – Penn is a Jiu jitsu phenom, and one of the best competitors (skill wise) in mixed martial arts.

5. Lyoto Machida – This karate master comes to the octagon with an impressive record and amazing striking and ground skills to match. He is currently the champion in the highly contested light-heavyweight division of the UFC.

4. George St. Pierre – St. Pierre may in fact be deserving of a higher position here, however it’s been a while since he’s stepping into the cage. St. Pierre has destroyed a virtual whose who in MMA and only continues to improve.

3. Brock Lesnar – Lesnar is huge, a giant even by heavyweight standards in MMA. This former pro footballer, turned pro wrestler, turned MMA phenom is one hell of an incredible athlete and UFC heavyweight champion as well.

2. Fedor Emelianenko – This Russian brings to mind Ivan Drago from Rocky, minus all of the US vs Russia nonsense. Fedor is incredible, has only one loss on his record and to many, is the best fighter in the world pound for pound. That being said, for Fedor to solidify his reign as the best of the best, he needs to play where the big boys are in the UFC.

1. Anderson Silva – Anderson “The spider” Silva is a sight to behold in the cage. Silva’s muay thai skills are second to none, his jiu jitsu is on par with Abu Dhabi grappling champions and his resume would make any opponent think twice about fighting him. By far, IMHO, Anderson Silva is the creme de le creme, the top of the heap and the best fighter pound for pound, in the world!

Props to Strikeforce

November 10, 2009 1 comment

Okay I will admit I was a skeptic of CBS and MMA being in the same sentence, especially after the debacle that was EliteXC.  EliteXC had HORRID production values, no name fighters with Kimbo Slice as their headliner in most big events and crappy promotion to boot. I was not happy to find out MMA was returning to CBS, this time with the strikeforce promotion.

I stand before you a humbled man, Strikeforce delivered excellent production value, a great night of fights, Fedor delivered as promised and there was even an exclusive peak at the new EA sports MMA game. If Strikeforce could feather out a deal with showtime and CBS for Strikeforce events, coupled with PPV, Dana White will have some stiff competition.

Kudos to strikeforce, you’ve silenced a detractor right here!

If strikeforce can weather the storm, get their shows on network, cable and PPV on a regular schedule, we will see some genuine competition for the Ultimate Fighting Championships. WEC gave it a decent try, but it’s lack of a decent roster (Minus Urijah Faber) holds it back from being genuine competition. Strikeforce has the roster, the production and the connections to make it true competition in the MMA arena.

Strikeforce Saturday

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay, so strkeforce comes on CBS this Saturday with the US debut of Emelianenko vs. Rogers. I’m not a huge fan of strikeforce, but I am excited to see Fedor fight.

We of the MMA community are spoiled rotten this month. Strikeforce this Saturday, November, 7th, Free on CBS, with Fedor vs Rogers. Then on Saturday, November 14th the UFC returns to spike tv for FREE with UFC 105: Couture vs Vera. Finally on Saturday, November, 21st, only on Pay-per-view, UFC 106: Griffin vs Ortiz 2!

Truly MMA fans are spoiled this month, three big events, three big nights, all month long. Two of those big events are free on television, CBS and SPIKE TV, making this month one to remember. Yes, the MMA gods are smiling upon us, for we have been good and they have made millions, lol just kidding.

Understandably some fans are upset that Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin’s bout has been pushed to UFC 108, but regardless, we’ve been blessed with a virtual cornucopia of MMA goodness this month. Give Lesnar the benefit of the doubt, H1/N1 is nothing to sneeze at!

A fond fairwell

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

This section of my MMA blog is reserved strictly for those whom the MMA community, myself included, will sorely miss. This is a rest in peace memorial for individuals who contributed to making mixed martial arts, the sport it is today. Teachers, fighters, promoters of the sport, apparel makers and every branch of the mixed martial arts tree.

If you have an idea for someone to list with a short bio, please leave me a comment here. Thanks…

TUF Stuff

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

the-ultimate-fighter-10-castThe Ultimate Fighter 10 cast!

Okay, this season of the ultimate fighter reality show has been a good one. Heavyweights, which are much-needed in the UFC, who are MMA fighters, ex football players, oh and Kimbo Slice!

Kimbo lost to an underwhelming performance by Roy “Big country” Nelson in his very first fight, but is still sticking around the house. As I said from the beginning of this season, Kimbo will lose his first fight and be brought back from an injury (that always happens) to another fighter, by the end, when others have fought more recently or even more times.

Kimbo will have a definite advantage in any event and may win it, because others will be softened up. Originally, I had a very low opinion of Kimbo, he “WAS” a brawler with no real skill, which is why a man half his size in Seth Petruzelli finished him with a JAB! But I digress…

kimbo_sliceSadly and with a deep sadness in my heart though, I will admit that Kimbo is looking much improved on TUF. Kimbo’s strikes seem stiffer and cleaner with speed and that KO pop, seen in skilled boxers. Kimbo has seemed to learn to circle out, stalking his prey to find the right angle of attack.

I am by far not on the Kimbo band wagon just yet though, he has a severe deficiency in his ground game. Kimbo almost looked like a turtle on his back, unable to advance or save his position or get back up to his feet. Although Kimbo is one-hundred times the fighter he was, he is still not perfect…Yet?

But this isn’t the Kimbo show by far! NFL Vet Marcus Jones marcusjoneshad one hell of a jiu jitsu ground game, surprising every when he nearly ripped a mans arm off. Seriously, before last night TUF episode, I didn’t know who Marcus Jones was, now I’ll never forget it!

Jones manhandled his opponent, throwing him to the ground and dominating him, via incredible submission abilities. Finally, while going from back to front then into Jones’ guard, Jones landed what can only be described, as a flawless, picture perfect arm bar.

Not to mention the uber cocky Roy Nelson, TITTIES, yes titties this season and not the good kind, not to mention the rivalry and hatred between the coaches. Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson are both coaching in different style, both doing a great job and both have earned some respect I’m sure!