About this website

This website was created by Lord N, a retired fighter, MMA fan and MMA instructor. This MMA blog is a work of love and care, by someone who has been a fan of the sport, since it’s earliest incarnation as no hold barred. This blog will feature so much content, as it’s been planned and content is well in the works.

Lord N’s MMA Blog was officially born September, 30th, 2009.


About the author

me newLord N (AKA Frederick Nagash) is a multi-time published author, is a recognized associate master forth degree black belt in numerous martial arts, is a retired fighter and martial arts instructor and has been a fan of MMA since UFC 1.

Lord N currently runs a small martial arts academy out of Tucson, Arizona called, “T-Town Tigers Dojo.” Lord N’s students study everything from classical martial arts, to weapons, to MMA.

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