History of MMA

mma-bloody-200x139Over the years, I have heard dozens of individuals bash the UFC, Dana White and the Fertittas, all with a very matter of fact-like attitude. The truth is, with the UFC, without Dana White and the Fertittas, we wouldn’t have MMA, period!

Don’t take my word for it, read this brief history of mixed martial arts, then look the facts up online for yourself. Mixed martial arts was born in the octagon, thanks largely in part to the work of Dana White and the Fertittas.

A brief and original history of Mixed Martial arts
by Lord N

Before there was MMA, in a time far away called ancient Greece, there were MMA like events, called wrestling and Pankration. In classical wrestling and Pankration, striking and submissions were commonplace means to win a match. In Rome and Greece, gladiatorial games often had Pankration fights to the death, as a spectacle event.

During the 1920’s booth fighting, the grand father to Brazilian Vale Tudo or no holds barred fighting, was a popular sport. During the 1960’s the Gracie family were heavily involved in the small sub-culture of vale tudo. Back then, vale tudo fights took place in dojos, bar and anywhere a fight was allowed or to be found.

Now let’s step into more modern times, say, the 1990’s for instance. In japan at the time, Shooto fighting was a popular sport and vale tudo was gaining a bit more exposure overseas.ufclogo0

Then in 1993, Rorion Gracie came to America and created the original “Blood sport” incarnate of the UFC. Over through the remainder of the nineties , UFC went from popular event, to being outlawed on Pay Per View.

Then in a turn of events, in an attempt to save itself from obscurity, in 2000 the unified rules of mixed martial arts were established by the New Jersey State Athletics commission. No holds barred UFC became the very first mixed martial arts organization, abandoning the NHB title.

logo_ufcIn January of 2001, the Fertitta brothers purchased the UFC from SEG, putting Dana White as the organizations President. The company continued to falter horribly and it wasn’t until the Fertittas went to SPIKE TV with 10$ million dollars to produce The Ultimate Fighter reality show, that it made a come back.

The first TUF (January 2005) was a success and the ultimate finale show featuring Stephen Bonner and Forest Griffin drove audiences wild. The popularity of this virgin sport has since sky-rocketed, with Pay per views equaling or exceeding boxing and professional wrestling.

In fact, the UFC, Dana White and the Fertittas MADE Mixed Martial Arts, what it is today. SPIKE TV also played a HUGE role in bringing this new sport to the masses, the only network with the brass juevos to do so!

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